Working SEO Strategy 2015

Posted by: | Posted on: September 19, 2015
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are you tired of searching for latest seo techniques and strategies? finally you came to the right place to know the working seo strategy in 2015.


(i) write an articles with 100% unique content and titles. at-least 30 articles to be taken. if you cant afford for paid articles take articles from the other article directory sites and rewrite them up to 100% uniqueness. also you can spin them with the best article spinner remember that each article should be minimum 600 words.

i think you might already know about web 2.0 sites. so create a 10 web 2.0 sites with 10 different articles. remember in every article make sure that your target main keyword should repeat for two times at least. give an hyperlink to your target keyword with target site URL for two times. submit your articles in the following web 2.0 sites



take a Microsoft ex-cell sheet and save the 10 web 2.0 site links.

(ii) Now, submit another 10 articles in the top social bookmarking sites and make sure your articles published in the bookmarking sites. here remember strongly that while submitting social book markings use your main keyword as title. if you want bookmarking sites that surely publish your content

Here i would like to tell you an important thing that if your site is 2nd and 3rd page in SERP, and it is not moving from the 2nd page this social bookmaking sites back links will boost your site for sure. after publishing your articles in bookmarking sites, save the live links in the excel sheet.

(iii) Now submit your remaining 10 articles in PDF Sharing Sites. after submissions done save your links on the same Excel sheet. if you want the high PR document sharing sites list


Post all your saved links in the social media channels like facebook, twitter, pinterest, reddit, google plus

Don’t post in a single day

daily minimum of 10 links in every social account

try to get more likes, shares and views to your posts


Now build a TIER 2 backlinks

take a spun content and do massive submissions for each and every link you saved in the excel sheet

don’t target the exact keyword

use the relative keywords and long tail keywords which has main keyword in it.

post in directories sites, comments, social book markings, article submissions

maintain sites which has page rank greater than 2


Now build a TIER 3 back links using TIER 2 back links

Go massive submissions with spun content

No page rank restriction

Avoid using exact keyword, use related long tail keywords

save all these TIER 3 back links


Build TIER 4 Back links with TIER 3 Back links

blast your tier 3 links with mass and bulk submissions

point any type of submissions

use general keywords like click here, get more info, check out this, read more etc.

for bulk submissions use auto back links generator softwares like scrape box, gsa ser, SENuke XCR etc…,