is Interracial relationships a sin?

Posted by: | Posted on: August 16, 2015
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Until the 1960s, interracial dating was considered as a sin or rather a crime that attracted imprisonment. In 1967, the American Supreme Court decided to scrap the law, after which a lot of people started preferring to date people from outside their race. Despite the increasing popularity of interracial dating in the United States, a lot of people continue to remain skeptical about them.

Experts from the field of online dating claim of receiving several queries regarding interracial dating and whether or not it is worth trying. Besides, it is also worth mentioning that people aren’t sure of whether it would be easy to maintain a healthy relationship with a person whom they know nothing about. Nevertheless, with the right frame of mind and the courage to try

something out of the box, you’d certainly be able to develop a strong rapport with a person from a different racial background.

So, coming to our question – is interracial dating a sin? Definitely not! How can loving someone ever be considered as a sin? In fact, experts believe that interracial dating is healthy and a learning experience that enables people to understand other races and diversify their opinions. Moreover, loving someone without any criteria of color or religion is something that every person should learn.

Here are a few benefits of interracial dating that should convince you to try it:

 Exposure to their ways of living / culture: You could learn a lot by dating a person from a different race. For instance, you can know about all their lip smacking delicacies, visit their hometown, learn about their culture and traditions and celebrate festivals along with their friends and family members. Isn’t that refreshing and interesting? That’s not all; you can also learn a new language in their company.

 Breaking Stereotypes: Dating outside your race give you as well as your partner an opportunity to break negative stereotypes prevailing in the society about your respective races. It would also act as a counter-example to those that are ignorant about these stereotypes and consider them real. This would not only make you open – minded but also have a positive impact on the people around you.

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